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What You Will Learn

Eight Complete Lessons

We will show you how to Get Leads, Get Customers & Make Money
in your local market and beyond!


1 - Why try to rank at the top of Google?

2 - How to rank at the top of Google

3 - How to optimize on-site and on-page

4 - How to do off-page SEO

5 - Getting out of the Google penalty box

6 - Your website design

7 - Converting visitors to customers

8 - Your most important asset


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What Our Students Say

  • What an info packed course!  I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand SEO or needs to kick up their web presence.
    Margaret J

  • "Very well done - A+!"

    Forest B.
  • "I appreciated that all major facets of SEO are covered so we were not just given partial info and left hanging."
    Cheryl B.
  • "A terrific idea from a reliable source. There's a lot of expertise inside these eight lessons. 
    These folks rock!"
    Dr Charlie

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Meet Your Instructors

We’re not rocket scientists, but we do know a thing or two about launching your website to the top of the search results and know the most effective methods to get more leads, customers and sales online! Click on our photos to learn more.